You Make Me Feel So..

You Make Me Feel So..

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Morning ,
How was everyone’s weekend? I feel accomplished. My foot hurts although i don’t remember hitting it, my finger got a good wack but my beautiful bamboo flooring is finally all done!! The carpet is down and ready to cut, as well as the two rooms being painted. The house was stupidly bought Red Tagged, the tag hasn’t come off yet and the deadline to move in is approaching fast! We only have a month left!

P.S. Don’t let your guy take fotos…. o.O

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Alright, so I already admitted I am horrendous at blogs and journals and whatnots, but whatever.
Well I tried making one on wordpress. It looked lovely if i say so myself, I even made a header for it!
HOWEVVVVERRRRRRRRRr seems to me wordpress is so constrictive, at least the free account is.
None of my HTML in posts shows, and my links go all wonky and weird. So i guess it is back to this.
I wonder if it will survive more than a week

P.S. my soon to be fallen wordpress blog : Psihomodopop

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Photoshop Tutsie: Lineart

The idea of line art seems quite simple and dull. Straight and curved lines against a plain background, no variations in color or darkness, blah. However, try looking up line art, you will be pleasantly surprised when you come across all the wonderful works done in this style. Perhaps you will be impressed enough to wish to try creating some line art for yourself.
If you are talented with the pencil you will most likely want to try your luck by hand, but if not, you can always use your computer to give you a
little bit of help!

How To Create Line Art From a Photo By Using Photoshop CS4 Extended:

– Start up Photoshop CS4 Extended (CS3 or the other various versions of
Photoshop will do as well, you might have to thinker with minor adjustments however).
– Open up a photo you wish to turn into line art.
+ Go to File> Open.
– Make a copy of the photo by duplicating the layer.
– Make the “background copy” layer black and white.
+ Make sure the right layer is selected.
+ Go to image> adjustments> desaturate.
– Now adjust the brightness and contrast so all the features you want are visible and those you don’t care for are out of your way.
+ Go to image>adjustments>brightness and contrast.
– Create a new layer on top of the “background copy” layer.
– Make sure the new layer is selected.
– On the left hand side select the pen tool.

– Trace with the pen tool over the picture.
– Once done tracing right click and select stroke path, feel free to play with the settings, do you
want it traced as a pencil, a brush? what color?

– When you are done right click to delete the path and start tracing a new section until you are finished.
– Create new layer under your line art layer, make the background color white (unless
your line art is white then choose something else obviously).

– You can always choose to leave your line art black and white,pick some different foreground and background colors, or to color in the sections of the drawing, it is up to you really.

– Try playing with different colors, you can always undo the actions!
– Make a lot of layers, that way if you mess up not as much of the photo will be affected, and you will isolate specific problems and correct them with ease.
– In case you are working with a big photo that has many details and components give each of your layers descriptive names, make folders for them even if it helps you organize your work better.
– Save your work constantly! You might need a while to get this habit into your head but don’t give up as this will save you a lot of time and nerves.
– Once your line art is done feel free to add different effects, so what if it turns out into something completely different than what you intended?
That’s the beauty of creating art works!
– If you need more help with using the pen tool or any of the components of Photoshop, or maybe you just simply want some other tutorials, don’t be afraid to look it up on the Internet. There are vast amounts of free information just waiting for you to find them, so what are you waiting for?!?

p.s. this article on Helium

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Ok so I’ve just switched the new header I made back and forth about twenty million times o.O

Red or Orange???



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Photoshop Brushes

A friend recently asked me to show them how to create PS brushes. Thought I’d post a quick tutorial for that as well:

If you are even somewhat familiar with Photoshop CS4, or its previous versions, you know about the brushes function it has. Photoshop comes with couple of sets of brushes and you might have used these, you might have even downloaded brush sets from elsewhere online and used them as well, but have you ever tried making your own? It is one of the more easy tasks that you can do in Photoshop, very very useful however! I will guide you through a basic tutorial on how to create a Photoshop brush from a picture as well as how to create it from scratch. My examples will be pretty plain and simple for the inexperienced users, once you get the hang of it though you will be able to make any sort of brush you can imagine.

How to create a custom brush in Photoshop from scratch:
– Start up Photoshop CS4 (you can do this in the previous versions as well, there might be slight differences but it is mainly the same thing).
– Create a new document by going to File and clicking “New”. A window will come up prompting you to enter some details such as the name and size. You can leave the name field as “untitled” and from the drop down “Preset” menu choose Web. Make sure that the background color is set to transparent. You can choose a different preset, or enter your own sizes in the future, but for now lets just stick with this for the sake of simplicity.
– Now you have an open document, on the left hand side choose the brush tool. Have your Basic brush set loaded and choose any size you feel comfortable with, I have chosen 12.

– Once your brush is set to go, draw some sort of swirl on your canvas. It doesn’t really matter what it looks like so be creative.
– When you are done with your swirl go to “Select” (this can be found all the way on the top of the application) and select “All”. Since your background has been set to transparent you do not need to spend time selecting your swirl and separating it from the rest of the canvas.

– When you have the selection set go to “Edit” and towards the bottom select “Define Brush Preset”.

– A small window should pop up asking you to name your newly created brush, along with a thumbnail of what it should look like. Enter “Swirl” or any other name you like in here.

– Your brush is now all done! Feel free to try it out, change the size and color, use random filters. Its just like one of the brushes that came with Photoshop, only better because you made it yourself!

To create a brush from a photo you follow the same process, except you will open up a photo and make a selection from it which you will in turn define as a brush preset.

What do you think? Any good???

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